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I am having issues with the AWIN Platform (Logging In, Payments etc.) what can I do?

If you are experiencing issues with the AWIN Platform, such as accessing your account, receiving payments, or any other platform-specific concerns, the Dr. & Master Sha Affiliate team is unable to provide direct assistance. Instead, please contact the AWIN support team for help with these matters. You can reach their support team by visiting the following link. They are well-equipped to address any platform-related issues and will guide you through resolving your concerns.

What is the Affiliate Partner Program and how does it work?

An affiliate program is a marketing channel that allows individuals, known as partners, to promote an organisations products or services in exchange for a commission on sales or referrals. In the case of the Master Sha Partner Program, partners share their experiences with Master Sha's teachings, wisdom, and healing tools through various channels such as blog posts, social media, videos, or direct communication with friends, family, and clients. When someone enrolls in a course or purchases a ticket for an event using the partner's unique tracking link, the affiliate network tracks the transaction and calculates the partner's commission. The commission is then approved after 30 days and available for withdrawal 30-60 days later. The affiliate program aims to provide complete transparency, use industry-leading technology, and ensure the best possible experience for all involved. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, click the button below to watch the video.

How can I join the Master Sha Partner Program?

To join the Master Sha Program, you need to first sign up for AWIN, the affiliate network that manages the technical aspects of the program, such as tracking links, performance reporting, and automatic payouts. This process is explained in detail in the first video, which you can watch by clicking the link below. Once you've been approved by AWIN, the next step is to join the Master Sha Program within the AWIN platform. This process is covered in the second video, available through the second link below. By following the steps outlined in both videos, you will be well on your way to becoming a part of the Master Sha Program and promoting its offerings as an affiliate partner. Click the links below to watch the videos and learn more about joining the Master Sha Program.

What are the benefits of joining the Partner Program?

The benefits of the Master Sha Affiliate Program go beyond earning commissions on referrals; it's an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who need the wisdom and teachings of Master Sha the most. As a partner, you play a crucial role in spreading these valuable teachings, offering your friends, family, and clients the chance to experience healing and personal growth. By participating in the program, you not only help others but also expand your personal audiences and grow your own business. Additional benefits include exclusive sessions with Master Sha and Master Teachers, providing you with invaluable insights and guidance. The program also offers education on promoting events and growing your audience, further enhancing your understanding of Master Sha's teachings and empowering you to make a difference in the lives of others.

Click the link below for more information about the opportunity and how to get started!

Are there any costs associated with the opportunity?

There are minimal costs associated with joining the Master Sha Affiliate Program. When you sign up for AWIN, the external affiliate network service that manages the program, a $1 deposit is required. This deposit is directly credited to your publisher account to be withdrawn with your earned commission and helps confirm that your details and bank information are accurate for future payouts. The primary purpose of this fee is to ensure security and verify that those joining as publishers are not bots or fake accounts. Other than this one-time deposit, there are no additional costs to participate in the affiliate program. Once you're a partner, you can focus on sharing your experiences and promoting the teachings of Master Sha without worrying about any hidden fees or ongoing costs.

How does the affiliate tracking work? What is a tracking link?

Affiliate tracking is a crucial aspect of the Master Sha Affiliate Program, ensuring that partners are credited for the traffic they send. A tracking link, also known as a deep link, is a unique URL that contains key information to identify and attribute traffic to the correct affiliate. The link consists of the merchant ID (which remains the same for everyone promoting Master Sha events) and your affiliate ID, which is unique to you.

When someone clicks on your tracking link, the affiliate network, AWIN, can accurately track the traffic, attributing it to your affiliate account. If the visitor enrolls in a course or purchases a ticket, the network calculates your commission accordingly. AWIN offers a link builder tool that allows you to create customized deep links for specific landing pages or product pages without manually entering your affiliate ID. By simply providing the destination URL, AWIN generates the tracking link for you, ensuring proper attribution of traffic and commission for your promotional efforts.

It is important to note that the first sale after a visitor clicks a tracking link is tracked to the affiliate. Therefore, for new events or products, it is essential for the affiliate partner to send new tracking links for each new purchase to be accurately tracked and credited to their account. This ensures that your promotional efforts are rewarded, and you receive the appropriate commission for each sale generated through your referrals.

Please watch the video in the link below for a better understanding of how to create a deeplink to promote events and products.

Can I participate in the program if I'm not tech savy?

Yes, you can participate in the program even if you're not tech-savvy. While the initial sign-up process does involve multiple steps, there are educational videos and a dedicated support team available to help you during the process. Once you learn how to create the tracking links for specific events and products, which is explained in a helpful video, the promotional aspect becomes simple. You can focus on creating content and sharing it with friends, family, clients, and audiences through various methods described in the video linked below. The program is designed to accommodate individuals with varying technical skills, ensuring that anyone who is passionate about promoting the events and products can effectively participate and succeed in the program.

What kind of training and support is available to me as a partner?

As a partner, you will have access to comprehensive training and support to help you succeed in the program. This includes educational videos that guide you through the process of signing up, creating tracking links, and promoting events and products effectively. Furthermore, a dedicated Partner Support Hub is available, which provides valuable resources, promotional materials, and answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, you can engage with a supportive community through forums, which we will launch soon, where you can exchange ideas, ask questions, and learn from the experiences of fellow partners. Our support team is also on hand to assist you with any concerns or inquiries you may have, ensuring that you receive the necessary guidance and resources to excel as a partner in the program.

Follow the link below to watch our video explaining the opportunity and get started today!

What happens if someone I refer cancels or requests a refund?

In the event that someone you refer cancels or requests a refund, the commission associated with that particular transaction will be reversed or deducted from your future earnings. This is because commissions are calculated based on successful and completed sales. Our affiliate program monitors transactions closely and adjusts partner commissions accordingly. All commissions earned will be 'pending' for up to 30 days, to allow time for any necessary adjustments in events such as this. Once a commission is approved in your dashboard, those earnings are available to withdraw and will not be reversed or removed from your account.

It is essential to maintain transparency and fairness in the program for all partners involved. While cancellations and refunds can be disappointing, it is a natural part of the process, and our focus remains on providing you with the tools and support needed to continue promoting events and products effectively to minimize such occurrences. 

Do you provide any creative materials or banners to help me promote the event?

While we provide creative materials and banners to support your promotional efforts, it is equally important tocreate your own content. Personalizing your content and sharing your own experiences with the events and products can have a significant impact on your audience. As discussed in the "Ways to Promote" video, creating genuine and relatable content helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level, building trust and credibility.

By sharing your own stories and insights, you showcase the transformative effects of the events and products on your life, which can inspire others to explore and participate in them. Additionally, utilizing different content formats, such as text, images, and videos, can help you reach a broader audience and increase engagement. Remember that authentic and less-polished content often performs better on social media platforms, as it resonates more with viewers who are seeking genuine recommendations and experiences. By striking a balance between utilizing the provided creative resources and crafting your own personalized content, you can effectively promote events and products while maintaining a strong connection with your audience.

To access any promotional materials available for events, visit the link below. You can use the product imagery on each product page and we also have further materials and educational content coming soon for popular events. These materials will be available at the top of the Products to Promote page as and when we create them.

Is there any further information that is important for a Student Partner to know?

As a Student Partner, there are several key aspects to consider while promoting Dr. & Master Sha's events and products. Make sure to disclose affiliate links, be aware of taxable income from commissions, and stay up-to-date with affiliate guidelines and policies. Keep in mind that only eligible products will qualify for commissions, and unauthorized voucher codes or offers may result in non-payment of commissions. You'll receive communication from the Dr. & Master Sha team via the AWIN platform, and for any platform-specific issues, contact the AWIN support team directly. For a comprehensive overview and full details, please refer to the link provided below.

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