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1. Frequently asked Questions
2. Integration of the Tao Light Transmission Soul Healing Program into our Regular Affiliate Program
3. Step by Step Guide how to create an affiliate Link in UpPromote

Overview of the UpPromote Affiliate Program

Welcome to the UpPromote Affiliate Program! This innovative platform is designed to enhance the affiliate marketing experience for Master Sha's business partners. It focuses on acquiring new customers and supporting existing ones, offering advanced features for tracking referrals, managing commissions, and promoting eligible products. Our goal is to help you succeed by rewarding successful referrals.

Key Features:

1. New Customer Focus: Earn commissions by referring new customers who make purchases at the Master Sha Store using unique email addresses.

2. Tracking and Analytics: Use UpPromote’s sophisticated tools to keep track of referrals, commissions, and customer interactions.

3. Eligible Products: Earn commissions on a variety of products listed in the Master Sha Store's Affiliate Partner Program section.

4. Commission Structure: Receive a 20% commission on the net revenue (after taxes) from eligible sales.

5. Recently Added Features: All customers not only new customers, except other affiliates, are eligible for commissions when they order with their own email addresses. These are linked to your affiliate account for 360 days, ensuring you earn from their purchases for a full year without resending links.

Support and Training:

1. Regular Meetings: Join our weekly affiliate meetings to get updates, training, and have your questions answered.

2. Resource Availability: Access detailed training materials and support documentation on our support page: Master Sha Store - Partner Program.


The UpPromote Affiliate Program marks a strategic enhancement in our affiliate marketing efforts. By focusing on new customer acquisition and providing robust support, we are setting up our affiliates for greater success and growth.


Frequently asked Questions

General questions

What is UpPromote? 

UpPromote is our new affiliate system with advanced features for tracking referrals and managing commissions, designed to improve your affiliate marketing experience.

Profile and Settings 

Why is updating my profile necessary? 

Keeping your profile updated is crucial as your registered email address cannot be changed
without re-registering and losing all connected clients. Update other details like your PayPal email for payments.

Why is information about your business mandatory?

Affiliate commissions are taxable in most countries. We require your Tax ID, VAT number, or business registration number to ensure compliance with tax obligations. This information is necessary for activating your account and will be included on invoices for tax purposes.

New System Features 

What are the standard features of UpPromote?

UpPromote offers advanced tracking, a user-friendly dashboard, enhanced analytics, and a 14-day cookie period for tracking new referrals. Once a new referral has placed a order, even it is a free event or product, the new client will be connected to your account permanently for one year and you do not have to send them affiliate links anymore.

How does the cookie period work?

If a potential customer clicks your affiliate link, they have 14 days to make a purchase for you to establish the connection and earn commissions. If they don't place an
order within 14 days, you'll need to resend the link.

Commission and Payments 

How is the commission calculated in UpPromote?

Commissions are 20% of the net revenue (after taxes) from sales made through your affiliate links.

When and how will I receive my affiliate payments?

Payments are processed via PayPal every 3rd week of the month for the previous month. Ensure your PayPal email is updated in your profile settings.

Eligible Products and Tracking 

Where can I find information on products eligible for commission?

Information on eligible products is available at the Master Sha Store
In addition, every other week an Excel File with the up-to-date affiliate product links will be published and sent to the affiliates.

How does UpPromote track new customers?

UpPromote tracks new customers based on their email address. You earn commissions on purchases
made by customers connected to your account for 360 days.

Support and Resources 

What resources are available for affiliates to learn about UpPromote?

We provide a guide on creating personal affiliate links, an Excel file with all available products for referral, and a frequently updated support page.

There is also some
documentation including a video available from within UpPromote :

or Guide for Affiliates

When and where are the affiliate meetings held?

Affiliate meetings are held every Friday at 10:30 PM Eastern Time, offering a platform for updates, training, and Q&A.

How can I ensure to receive all emails from the Affiliate program?

Emails will either be sent from or from the UpPromote server using . Please make sure that both domains are whitelisted in the spam filter of your email system.

What can I do, if a transaction does not show up under the “commission” tab in UpPromote?

There are several options why this can happen:
1. Your client is not connected to you account and might be connected to another affiliate. Please check the connection tab under the “Dashboard” menu.

2. Your client is new and not connected to your account yet and has not clicked your affiliate link. In this case, pls. try again with another link. 

3. There is a technical issue with the set-up of the system, in this case pls. write to and explain the issue. Pls. note that corrections to the commissions can only be done until the 5th day of the following month for technical reasons, therefore pls. report any problems as soon as possible.

What can I do if the commission shows an amount of $0 under the commission tab?

This is quite common because once a client is connected to your account, all transactions will be logged, even if they are not affiliate products. Always press the action button under the “commission”
tab to see, whether the product purchased is eligible for an affiliate
commission. If not it will show a “0” percentage value.

Login and Registration

How do I log in to the new UpPromote system?

Log in using this link:

What if I haven’t registered yet for the new UpPromote Affiliate System?

Register using this link:
You must be a Tao Hands Practitioner.

Additional Support 

Where can I get further assistance if I have more questions?

For more assistance, contact our support team at or attend the
weekly meetings for direct help.


We invite you to fully engage with UpPromote to maximize your success. Our team is committed to supporting you throughout this journey, helping you achieve and surpass your marketing goals.


Integration of the Tao Light Transmission Soul Healing Program into our Regular Affiliate Program

We are excited to announce that the Tao Light Transmission Soul Healing Program is now fully integrated into our standard affiliate program, governed by the same rules and terms & conditions.

Program Overview:

The Tao Light Transmission Soul Healing Program is a transformative 20-day journey with Dr. & Master Sha, a Tao Grandmaster and world-renowned healer. This program is designed to create focused shifts in various aspects of health and relationships using advanced Tao Light techniques. Whether it's for physical ailments, emotional challenges, or relationship improvements, this program
offers a personalized approach to soul healing.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Promotion:

  • Generate Your Affiliate Link: Use the link to the landing page to create your personal affiliate link with UpPromote using the "Get Product Link" function. Then, send this personalized link to your clients. They click on the link and ask for approval for their condition.
  • Guide Your Clients: Once your client uses your link and applies for the program, they will receive an approval email with the affiliate credentials linked to their application. You will play a critical role in guiding them through their 20-day healing journey.
  • Earn Commission: Earn a lucrative 20% commission for each successful referral, with the program fee set at $2800 CAD per application.

For more detailed instructions refer to the document with the screenshots attached.

Additional Support:

Should you need further assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team at, or join our weekly affiliate meetings for more direct support. More details about the program, including testimonials and additional information, can be found on the official landing page.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Cleansing of negative 'sickness' information
  • Personalized Tao Light transmissions for specified requests
  • Continuous support and guidance from leading teachers

We are thrilled to provide our affiliates with this opportunity to promote a program that not only offers significant earning potential but also contributes profoundly to the well-being of participants. Create your personal affiliate link today and help others embark on a journey of transformation and healing.

Let's work together to spread this transformative healing and achieve remarkable success in our affiliate endeavors!


Step by Step Guide how to create
an affiliate Link in UpPromote

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