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Tao Wisdom and Wellness for Daily Life, Saturdays

Tao Wisdom and Wellness for Daily Life, Saturdays

$170.00 CAD

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Venier Wong, Tao Master Teacher and Practitioner
Lead for Tao Wellness and Africa
via Zoom, Saturdays, 9-10am ET


  • $35 for first time participants (apply coupon code TWDL-2024-S1-AGDTR3G during checkout)
  • $50 for single session
  • $170 for monthly pass

Experience the power of Tao transformation through sacred Tao Calligraphy light, energy and a unique moving meditation with Tao Calligraphy Source Art. 

Step into a powerful positive frequency and vibrational field that can boost your energy, stamina, vitality and immunity.  Be energized and nourished through a special Tao light field and sacred breath power technique.

Learn profound ancient and new Tao wisdom, use powerful Tao technology, and apply simple and effective practices to elevate your health and transform your life. 

Discover the power of Tao Source light blessings and the power of soul.  Align your soul, heart, mind and body for greater health, happiness, harmony and success.  Live your life’s true purpose. 

Experience the power of Tao light, love and energy through the Tao Source field!
Be inspired. Be empowered. Be the change.


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    "We, the human race,

    need more Zhi Gang Sha." 

    Dr. Maya Angelou