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Tao Water Blessings

Tao Water Blessings

$40.00 CAD

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Tao Water Blessings
By World Renowned Healer, Dr. & Master Sha
Blessings sent daily at 6PM ET.
Please enter your phone number at checkout to receive SMS notifications for delivery of blessing

Tao Water is blessed water that carries a high-frequency Source vibrational field. This field consists of Source most-positive shen qi jing (information, energy, matter). Drinking Tao Water brings this Source most-positive field to the shen qi jing of the requests you made when you registered for the Tao Water.
The Source field in the Tao Water could heal, prevent, rejuvenate and transform, mouthful by mouthful, the negative shen qi jing field of your registered requests.

Dr. and Master Sha transmits the requested blessing at 6 p.m. ET daily for the registered ones for one 800 ml container of water.

The Tao Water will serve your requests for one week as follows:
Monday – One system or one organ or one part of the body or one health condition that you chose
Tuesday – One emotional challenge (e.g., anger, depression, fear, etc.) that you chose
Wednesday – One mental challenge (e.g., confusion, memory, etc.) that you chose
Thursday – One soul challenge (e.g., more discipline. more trust, etc.) that you chose
Friday – Relationship with one person that you identified
Saturday – General appropriate financial blessing
Sunday – Blessing to gain appropriate Tao Source wisdom

Choose how many Tao Water Blessings you wish to receive (up to 4 people).
Additional Tao Water Blessings can be purchased for up to 3 loved ones (inc. pets). 

"We, the human race,

need more Zhi Gang Sha." 

Dr. Maya Angelou