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Tao Water Bottle
Tao Water Bottle
Tao Water Bottle
Tao Water Bottle

Tao Water Bottle

$100.00 CAD

The Tao Water Bottle is a high-end, easy-to-clean, glass water bottle designed by Dr. & Master Sha. Made of double-layered glass, this 800ml bottle is a simple and sacred way to store your Tao Water™ or any hot or cold drink of your choice. Every Tao Water Bottle features a special Tao Calligraphy printed on the glass, and the insulated sleeve of your choosing.



  • 800 ml
  • Stainless steel screw top
  • Lilac or Green silicone sleeve that helps to cushion and protect the bottle
  • BPA Free, Odorless, Green and Heat Resistant
  • DO NOT put in Microwave
  • DO NOT put in Dishwasher
  • DO NOT use put any hard materials such as spoons, metal straws or glass straw in the waterbottle
  • DOES NOT come with a tea strainer

"We, the human race,

need more Zhi Gang Sha." 

Dr. Maya Angelou