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Tao Hands For Self-Healing (2023 Q2)

Tao Hands For Self-Healing (2023 Q2)

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The Foundational 1-Day Training 

 A Soulful Activation to Upgrade Your Health & Well-Being 



10AM – 6PM ET 


Welcome to the Tao Hands Foundational Course 

Tao Hands: For Self-Healing is the first step on the Tao Hands path. 

It's a 1-day training that gives you the foundational teachings on what Tao Hands is and how you can use it to transform your own life – plus, it’ll give you the spiritual transmission to use Tao Hands on yourself. 

Whether your intention is to go on to become a fully certified Tao Hands Practitioner or you simply want to elevate your personal healing work - Tao Hands: For Self-Healing is the perfect entry point for you. 

Tao Hands: For Self-Healing gives you direct access to some of the highest healing frequencies to transform your personal health and well-being. 

It empowers you to become your own healer (or to refine the healing abilities you already have) to transform your physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Experience the difference with Tao Hands in your self-care routine! 


Want to go all the way? Sign up for Level 2 as well - Becoming a Certified Tao Hands Practitioner - by choosing the dropdown menu option that includes Level 2 as well.

"We, the human race,

need more Zhi Gang Sha." 

Dr. Maya Angelou