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Manifest Tao Light Liver

Manifest Tao Light Liver

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The liver is a vital organ. In ancient Tao wisdom and traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is the authority organ of the Wood element, which also includes the gallbladder, tendons, and eyes in the physical body and the unbalanced emotion of anger in the emotional body. The liver stores and regulates blood. The liver regulates and maintains the flow of qi (vital energy) and blood, which includes three aspects: (a) assisting in regulating emotions, (b) assisting digestion and absorption of food, (c) maintaining free flow of qi and blood. In addition, the liver dominates and controls the tendons and manifests in the nails. The liver connects with the eyes through the meridians, which are the pathways of qi.

In this unique and innovative program, you will receive a permanent Tao Light Manifestation for Liver spiritual transmission with Source love, light, frequency, and vibration that carries a Source field of most-positive information, energy, and matter that could manifest the liver you wish for and desire.

After receiving the transmission, you have unlimited access for the entire ten days to a practice video with Master Sha to activate your transmission and receive further and further benefits that could help you manifest your wish and desire for your liver.

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"We, the human race,

need more Zhi Gang Sha." 

Dr. Maya Angelou