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Consultation - Laure Le Corroller

Consultation - Laure Le Corroller

$750.00 CAD


Laure Le Corroller is a Leading Teacher with Tao Academy and the Leading Teacher for the French Community. She is trained as a Soul Healer, a Soul Communicator, and a Tao Communicator. Before becoming one of Master Sha’s Leading Teachers, Laure was a VP Executive for a major global bank in England. After discovering Master Sha through his book, Soul Mind Body Medicine, Laure’s entire life changed as she pursued a new path of healing. As a native French speaker, she’s expanded these wisdom teachings into the French communities and introduced Dr. & Master Sha’s work to many souls.

Specialities: Intuitive development, spiritual leadership, Tao wisdom teachings

Languages Offered: French and English

Every consultation includes one (1) Da Ai or Da Kuan Shu Golden Light Ball and Golden Liquid Spring for a system, organ, body part, or health issue.

Laure offers 3 levels of Consultations and Personalized Support:

Level 1

1. Soul Reading Express (one feeling, or recurrent thought, or intuition: reading what the soul really wants) - 30 minutes 

Recommended for a quick check-up 

2. New to Dr. & Master Sha Tao Transformative Technologies - 60 minutes 

Recommended for Follow-Up appointments also 

Level 2

Soul Reading for One Aspect of Life (one health condition, or relationship, or financial situation, or other) 

Level 3

Summarized Spiritual Reading for One's Vibrational Field (Soul Heart Mind Body) for One aspect of Life 

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"We, the human race,

need more Zhi Gang Sha." 

Dr. Maya Angelou