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Consultation - Alexia Cito

Consultation - Alexia Cito

Alexia Cito is one of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha’s leading teachers, and Global Team Member at the Love Peace Harmony Foundation. She is Certified through Tao Academy in a variety of Tao modalities such as Tao Soul Communicator, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, Tao Song, Tao Dance, Tao Hands. Alexia loves empowering others to discover and shine their light. As a specialist in Akashic Record Readings, Alexia is excited to connect with you and help you discover your own path to healing and growth. So, if you're ready to tap into your inner power and unlock your true potential, reach out to Alexia today!

60 Min Akashic Record Reading:

This is great for a first session, it allows extra time to go deep into the wisdom and any questions you may have.  If it is not your first time but you feel you may need extra love and attention, go for this time slot as well. 

30 Min Akashic Record Reading: 

This selection is great for follow up sessions, and to address a few specific topics. You can receive profound benefits and transformation within a short time frame too - it can often happen in an instant!


You're invited to book an additional service: 

Tao Light Transmission -  REGISTER 

The Tao Light Transmission can be transmitted to you for an organ, system, part of the body or specific health condition. Imagine it like an invisible golden light ball that is literally downloaded into your lower abdomen to uplift and support you throughout your whole life! 

Kuan Yin Crown Chakra Blessing - REGISTER

When you are experiencing any feeling of ‘stuck’ or other mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life challenges - a Crown Chakra Blessing can be a powerful wash of light to transform the negative information to positive, and clear the way to greater healing and transformation. 

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