A Special 1-Hour Tao Experience

Led by Dr. & Master Sha®

- a Living Tao Grandmaster and World-Renowned Healer - and his Tao Leading Master Teachers of Tao Academy™

Every Sunday at 12:30PM ET | 11:30AM CT | 9:30AM PT

Live event. No replays.

Available in English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Experience Tao.

In a world that focuses on what divides us, we create revolutions when we come together in unity.

Tao is about bringing all people all together - unifying humanity regardless of skin color, religion, or beliefs.

Tao: Ancient Secrets of All Life™ is your sacred invitation to come back to oneness, to learn empowering and life-changing Tao wisdom to uplift your life and others.

This is a rare and powerful healing experience. 

At its heart, Tao: Ancient Secrets of All Life™ is an exciting reminder of the power we have - both in ourselves and in our unity when we come together as one.

Get ready to change the way you see your life inside Tao: Ancient Secrets of All Life™.

Tao: Ancient Secrets of All Life™ teaches wisdom and practices that can work alongside every religion and belief system. This is a welcoming and inclusive experience that can transform and uplift every life!

All are invited.

This is a highly rare opportunity.

Tao: Ancient Secrets of All Life™ is an immersive experience introducing you to a collection of sacred oneness healing modalities known as “Tao Healing Technology”- which includes Tao Wisdom, Tao Calligraphy, and Tao Song.

Come and experience a “new” way of healing - learning 5000-year-old healing practices and oneness teachings directly from a living Tao Grandmaster!

Dr. & Master Sha is a master of many ancient eastern arts (including Qi Gong, Feng Shui, Kung Fu and more), and the 373rd lineage holder to Peng Zu (the same Taoist lineage as Lao Tzu—the author of the Tao Te Ching).

You’ll walk away with ancient Tao wisdom, get to see the LIVE creation of a sacred Tao Calligraphy, receive blessing from that calligraphy, and experience a sound healing session through a powerful practice known as Tao Song.

Meet Dr. & Master Sha

Spiritual Innovator of The Year, 2020

Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Tao Grandmaster, World-Renowned Healer, and 11 New York Times Bestselling Author. He is a grandmaster of many ancient Eastern arts (including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Chinese Calligraphy) and holds an MD in Western Medicine from China. As the 373rd lineage holder of Peng Zu (the Chinese Taoist Master who famously taught Lao Tzu - the author of the Tao Te Ching), Dr. & Master Sha was initiated into an ancient Taoist tradition that has been kept alive for more than 4000 years. His mission in life is to serve humanity with this wisdom - combining the essence of modern Western medicine with ancient Taoist teachings to help people be happier and healthier. A renowned humanitarian, Dr. & Master Sha is the Founder of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation and a recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for promoting world peace.

“I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world.”

- Dr. & Master Sha

  • Wisdom

    It is a revolutionary lineage of wisdom that empowers people to become their own healers and uplift their own lives in extraordinary ways. Tao Wisdom is about supporting you to transform your challenges so you can help others transform theirs too. It teaches coming together in unity to raise up all of humanity. Tao Wisdom teachings can be applied to any religion or spiritual belief—as they share a core message of universal love, peace, and harmony.

    In Tao: The Way of All Life, you’ll learn ancient Tao Wisdom secrets to help empower and revolutionize your life. 

  • Calligraphy

    Tao Calligraphy is a revolutionary healing art based on an ancient form of one-stroke calligraphy (Yi Bi Zi) that Master Sha learned from sole lineage holder, Professor Li Qiu Yun. At over 100 years of age, Professor Li passed this unique lineage to Master Sha, who, with his life-long training and mastery of healing arts, developed this special Oneness writing to bring the essence, frequency and vibration of Tao Oneness into each calligraphy. Tao Calligraphy is not only a beautiful sacred art, but a powerful and cutting-edge healing tool.

    In Tao: The Way of All Life, you’ll witness the creation of a Tao Calligraphy firsthand and experience a powerful healing blessing from that same calligraphy!

  • Song

    Through combining the power of song with the direct spiritual power of Tao, Dr. & Master Sha is able to create a special, high-vibrational sound called “Tao Song” that has an expanded capacity to heal. Tao Song is a sacred healing art that elevates the well-studied effects of sound healing to create direct change and transformation on a quantum level. It can be used to heal everything from health conditions to relationships to emotional and mental imbalances, and more.

    In Tao: The Way of All Life, you’ll get to participate in a Tao Song session - experiencing the profound healing of this modality for yourself!

  • One System

  • One Organ

  • One Part of the Body

  • One Health Condition

  • One Relationship

  • One Emotion

NEW! Practice Session with Certified Tao Master Teacher of Tao Academy!

Each session of Tao: Ancient Secrets of All Life comes with access to a Wednesday's Practice Session where you will be lead and guided through Tao Calligraphy tracing and chanting to experience the power of the Tao.


Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

"Through his Soul Power book series, Master Sha guides the reader into a consciousness of healing not only of the body, mind, and spirit, but also of the heart. I consider his healing path to be a universal spiritual practice, a journey into genuine transformation.."

Learn Ancient Wisdom Teachings from a Living Tao Grandmaster.

Traditionally, this wisdom was kept secret inside the lineage - passed down only from teacher to special student.

But we’re in a time in humanity, on mother earth, where everyone needs access to these teachings.

Dr. & Master Sha’s mission is to share the ancient and secret wisdom of the Tao with everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re just hearing about this for the first time, or you’ve been studying with him for 20 years - he shares the same wisdom with everyone. 

You don’t need to change your belief systems, be initiated into a tradition, or make any sacrifices to receive these teachings. You simply need to show up with an open heart and mind to the many blessings given in this special 2 hour event. 

The wisdom you’re going to learn inside Tao: Ancient Secrets of All Life™ is for everyone, regardless of where you’re at in your spiritual journey.

Come experience the revolutionary power of Tao.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

"Master Sha is an important teacher and a wonderful healer with a valuable message about the power of the soul to influence and transform all life."

Get Ready to Experience…

  • Deep, profound healing for one area of your life -(a health condition, a relationship, an emotional or mental imbalance, etc.)

  • The LIVE creation of a sacred Tao Calligraphy -Enjoy the truly unique experience of watching a piece of Tao Calligraphy come to life!

  • Life-changing 5000-year-old wisdom -Learn the ancient Tao secrets of Oneness directly from a living Tao Grandmaster—supporting you to live a happier and healthier life!

  • New self-healing practices -Explore powerful self-healing practices and techniques to empower you (and others) on your spiritual journey.

...and so much more!

  • Join us every Sunday! $30 USD

    12:30PM ET | 11:30AM CT | 9:30AM PT

    Ancient Tao Wisdom, Tao Calligraphy and Tao Song that can support you
    to heal and transform your life.

    Hosted on Livestream.

    Live event. No replays.

    Available in English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Looking for more?

Join Dr. & Master Sha and his Leading Master Teachers for a Quantum Weekend Special and experience both,Tao Quantum Healing Hour™ on Saturdays & Tao: Ancient Secrets of All Life™ on Sundays for a truly transformative weekend!