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Ways to Promote The Program

Promoting events is an amazing way to introduce people to the wisdom and teachings of Master Sha, and this educational video will explain the various ways in which you can share your experience with your audience. The video will highlight popular ways in which to use social media and the benefits of each promotional method.

We hope to answer most of your questions within the video, however, if you have further questions - please scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the most relevant support method for your query.

As advised in the video, we have listed the popular 'Link in Bio' tools below;

Linktree - The most popular option, and easiest to set up.

Beacons - A range of tools with varying complexity. Not the most simple option available.

Link in Bio - A less complex option for adding multiple links to your Instagram bio.

Ask expert community helpers

Our community forum allows for student partners to find answers and provide support to each other, you may find an answer to your question here!

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