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How Affiliate Commission Works

We understand that commission may be a new concept to many Student Partners, this article will explain the process for Student Partners.

After sharing a tracking link with your audience, each visitor will track as a click in AWIN. The visitor is not required to check out immediately as the tracking link will follow the journey for 30 days. However, the tracking is typically linked to the one device and browser, so if your audience uses a different device it may not track the sale.

Once the visitor makes a purchase, the commission is calculated and will appear in your dashboard as pending. After 30 days, the commission is approved (on all non-refunded and eligible purchases). Once a commission is approved, it will then be available to withdraw.

Important Commission Information

All commissions earned are classified as taxable income in most countries, it is the responsibility of each Student Partner to follow local regulations and laws surrounding taxable income. Please speak with a local professional to ensure you are compliant with all applicable regulations.

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