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True Love: Finding a Beautiful and Loving Life Partner, February 10, 2024

True Love: Finding a Beautiful and Loving Life Partner, February 10, 2024


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with David Lusch and Laure Le Corroller

Workshop: Saturday, February 10th @ 2-6pm ET
Weekly Classes: Fridays, February 16 & 23 and March 1 & 8 @ 5-6:30pm ET


True Love.

So many people dream of it. So many people want and desire it. So many people listen to songs and music about it. So many people watch movies about it. So many people read stories and books about it.

True love is a dream for many.

Yet… so many people struggle to find their true love life partner. So many people have pain, anger, fear, worry, power and control issues, sadness, broken hearts, and more in their love partner relationships.

Divorce is rampant in many countries around the world. There are more break ups that never make it even to marriage.

So why are there so many issues around finding a beautiful and loving life partner?

Many people are confused and cannot see the truth about how True Love Relationships are attracted, created, maintained, uplifted, and grown.

In this event series, join David Lusch and Laure Le Corroller to:

  • Discover how the universal laws and principles govern True Love relationships
  • Understand the various kinds of blockages in your vibrational field that prevent you from finding and living happier with a True Love Life Partner
  • Look deep within your soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter level and use Tao transformative techniques to transform and align yourself
  • Remove negative views, mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, judgements, and more on True Love and finding your life partner
  • Open your heart to true love
  • Become clearer on your values and what you want and don’t want in a True Love Relationship
  • Empower yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically to vibrate in the most powerful way to attract a True Love Relationship into your life
  • Go into action – find the right dates and move along to True Love
  • Receive a True Love Tao Light Treasure to remove some spiritual blockages and empower you to bring in the Tao love, light, and most positive information to find true love (included in the event)
  • Have opportunities for even more powerful Tao blessings to remove blockages and find that True Love Life Partner sooner than later

Learn from two Leading Teachers of Master Sha – both who are living in beautiful and loving True Love Relationships. They will teach you some of what they learned along the way and unlock some of the secrets that helped them to align and find their True Love life partners.

This True Love series will be fun, joyful, serious, deep, heart-touching and moving, heart and mind opening, and spiritually empowering to transform you – to help you – achieve one of your dreams – living life with a beautiful and loving True Love Life Partner!

"We, the human race,

need more Zhi Gang Sha." 

Dr. Maya Angelou