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Lampe au Sel de l'Himalaya - Moyenne
Lampe au Sel de l'Himalaya - Moyenne

Lampe au Sel de l'Himalaya - Moyenne

$300.00 CAD$150.00 CAD

Himalayan Salt Lamp - Special until February 29th - $150 CAD

Himalayan Salt Lamp plus Kai Guang - $250 CAD

Himalayan Salt Detox Domes are another fantastic way of adding the beauty and benefits of this spectacular salt to your body, space or spa offering!

Each 9" dome is hand honed from deeply mined and mineral rich Himalayan Salt and rests in a solid wood base. Each are fitted with a 40 watt bulb to gently warm the salt. The cords are UL Listed and are Low EMF dimmers!

This size is perfect for hands and smaller feet. The overall styling enables the lamp to be used table side as well, to cleanse your environment and lull you to a relaxed state! The solid wood base makes this detox dome a stunning bedside lamp.

Place your cleansed feet or hands on the dome and sit back and relax! Grab a book, close your eyes, put on some music, however you like to relax! As your feet or hands begin to perspire, the dome will begin to absorb the moisture due to its hygroscopic nature*. As it absorbs the moisture, it will pull toxins with it, particularly through the feet. A reverse osmosis process will enable a transfer of minerals and trace elements from the dome to your body at the same time. The salt is antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

This is the perfect compliment to meditation and prayer sessions! What a great way to warm your feet or hands on a cold day. Provides comfort and relief for tired, overworked or arthritic hands and feet.

Add a Kai Guang to your Salt Lamp


"We, the human race,

need more Zhi Gang Sha." 

Dr. Maya Angelou